The Quran Foundation Pakistan Karachi was founded in 1995 on the auspicious day of 'Mubahila’  24th of the Zilhijjah, with the goal to strengthen the relationship of the community with the Holy Quran. The objectives set to achieve this goal are:

NAME: Quran Foundation Pakistan Karachi ( REGISTERED )

MISSION: Acquaint the Community with Holy Quran

To promote nearness with the Quran and Quran Education
To publish the Quran Education media with modern methods
To pave the way to teach the Quran (Improvement of Recitation) at an elementary level.
To create interest for children to study the Quran

The management consists of seven basic peers, whose job would be to consult religious scholars and to perform certain jobs.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Consists of Religious Scholars; The QF would consult them.
Member: Every person of the community who performs duties being part of the QF and is not part of any other organization.
Assistant: Every person of the community who assists in organizing matters is said to be Assistant.

Since its beginning the Quran Foundation Pakistan Karachi has been blessed with the benevolence of Allah and of people with genuine appreciation for Quranic teachings. The QF right in the initial phase introduced for the first time in the world history, the complete Quran audio CD, having the voices of the world’s’ seven top most Recites . Along with, one more and essential task is completed, first time ever, ‘the complete Urdu translation of the Quran'(Shia version) in audio. This Urdu translation was read aloud by the deeply resonant voice of Husain Shaheed Mirza and this translation  has traveled the globe.   Uphill now more than 100 Quran Software’s in VCD’s and DVD’s have been published. Some of them are:

  1.  AL HUDA
  2.  MOALLIM E TAJWEED (Improve teacher)
  3.  NWAAR UL QURAN (Light of the Quran)
  4.  USTAAD QARIYUN KI QIRAAT (20) (Recitation of world’s 20 Biggest Recites)
  5.  HUSN E QURAN CD’s (4) (virtue of Quran)
  6.  NOOR E MUBEEN (4 MP3 CD’s)  (Nur Shown)
  7.  Reiter : Shehryar Parhezgar  Urdu Voice: Mr. Husain Shaheed Mirza
  8.  Kamsin Hifaz and Qariyan e Quran (Young Quran Memorizers and Reciters)
  9.  Manasik e Hajj (Pillars oh Hajj)
  10.  Noorani Takya
  11.  (the spiritual pillow) has enjoyed tremendous success amongst parents who want to familiarize their young children with the Quran.


Pillars of Islam





(A Fifth)



Seven Session Written Paper Seven Session Written Paper

Participated by 800 students in New Rizvia (Live) with full of SOPs